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The company was founded in 1906 by the engineers Barby and Kühner in Unterneubrunn/Thuringia. The companion Barby retired in 1909 from the company. Since then company is in sole possession of the family Kühner.

From the beginning, the company owners put emphasis on the production of specialized measurement- and control devices in precision design. By an uncompromising quality and absolute reliability Barby + Kühner could quickly create a globally recognized name mainly in the food industry. The main activity was and still is in the range of pressure and temperature monitoring, as well as in the laboratory retailers.

Today Barby + Kühner manufactures with a modern machinery (CNC- twist-, milling- and grinding‑machines) both the various components of any kind for its own product range, as well as special manufacturing components in the sales order. The range was gradually expanded, so now in addition to the food industry other industrial users are part of our customer base.

By a permanent expansion and modernization of the machinery a continuous maintenance of quality requirement is guaranteed.

The company Barby + Kühner is proud of a flexible service, fast processing also special requirements, customer-oriented approach and reliability at all levels.

Long-standing relationships as well as an ever-growing customer base are the result of the successful business of Barby + Kühner.

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